Friday, February 10, 2012

Spiral Hacky Sacks

Spiral Hacky Sacks
You'll need some filler. Pony beads work really well, but dont ask me where you can find them. If you know, tell me :)
Here's the free pattern on raverly by Joyce Yu. It comes as a PDF file and I was so happy I didnt have to alter it at all! I used Simply Soft yarn by Carron and a G hook. Took a couple of tries to get it looking as good as she did though. Have fun!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Underwater Ripple Blanket

Underwater Ripple Pattern
I started with a wavy pattern found here. It's a graphic pattern, but there are also links to video tutorials that I found super duper helpful :).
At the bottom are little fishies! You can find the applique pattern here. There are a ton of different fish to choose from and, even though it's on raverly, the pattern is free.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Extra Jar --> Soap Dispenser

Soap Dispenser
Have an extra jar and lid hanging around?
Turn it into a cute soap dispenser with this tutorial. I did 3! :) ... and I feel so much better for not throwing away extra pumps.
-Also- I had a bit of extra body spray from bath and body works (I can never use a whole bottle) so I poured some in and mixed it together! Now I have generic hand soap with a great smell!

Carousel Blanket

Carousel Blanket
These are some grannysquares I got off of this site. They don't do a great job explaining, so I wrote down the hardest part on this blog under "Pinwheel" . Anyways, have fun!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Carousel Pinwheel

Carousel Pinwheel
This is for a 4inch pinwheel. If you'd like it smaller, just stop and tie off at the end of rounds 2-4. If you'd like it bigger, I'll do my best to figure that out for you if you leave a message in the comments.
-Another Note-
The two color threads will wrap around each other. You'll have to stop ever once in a while to unwind them. The easiest way to do this is to just let the unfinished wheel hang free and just let it turn.

ch5, sl st into first ch to form a ring
Round 1: Ch4, 14tc into ring. Do one more tc, but do not pull through on the last part. You will have two loops on your hook. With a new color, sl st onto the hook. Pull through the last tc with that new color, but do not tie off the old color. (It will not show up on the pinwheel yet.) Sl st into the 4th of the ch4 at the beginning of this round. It is important that you sl st into the 4th st and NOT the top of the first tc.
Round 2: (This is when your new color will show up) ch2, switch colors, ch1, *dc AROUND the base of the closest tc. Before pulling through the last part of the dc, switch colors. Pull through and dc into the next st. Before pulling through the last part of the dc, switch colors. Repeat * around. After switching colors for the last time, sl st into the third of the ch3.
Round 3-4: Ch3, dc into the same st, switching colors at the top of the dc. *With the new color, dc around the base of the radiating post. Before completing the dc, switch colors. With the new color, 2dc into the next st. Repeat * around. After switching colors for the last time, sl st into the third of the ch3.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hawaiian Flower

The Hawaiian Flower
Ch5, join to form a circle.
Round 1: Ch 5, *dc into middle. Ch 2. Repeat *3 times. Sl st into the third of the original ch5.
-If you want your middle to be a different color, now would be the time to tie off and sl st another color in there; however, for the Hawaiian flower, I find it looks better not to switch.-
Round 2: Ch2. 5dc, sc into the same loop, * into next loop, 1sc, 6dc, 1sc. Repeat *4 more times. This should make 6 petals.
Round 3: You will work behind he petals you just made. In the back, between two petals, you will see a "V". Sl st onto that V between two petals. Ch4, *1sc between next two petals, ch3. Repeat * around and join with a sl st into first ch.
5th round: Sl st into the loop to the right. (The loop you just made). Work 1sc, 8dc, 1sc into each chain loop around. Join with a sl st.